Best Call of Duty Ghosts Strategy Guide

Hi fellow CoD Ghosts player,

If you are reading this, you are no doubt a Call of Duty fanatic like myself. As any fan would, you are always looking for the best CoD guide and tactics to beat your competitors and improving your kill death ratio.

After all, the best part of multiplayer deathmatch in CoD Ghosts is racking up big killstreaks, calling in rewards, and ending the match at the top of the score list, in effect carrying the team to victory. Completing the co-op and campaign is fun too, but no one wants to go up against the same encounter over and over again.

Since losing games and getting a negative kill to death ratio is no fun (isn’t having fun why we get the game in the first place?), I decided to put together this CoD Ghosts guide as a resource for players looking to step up their game.

Getting the perfect combination of perks and weapons is a tricky task, yet crucial to building an effective character. With literally millions of possible combinations of weapons, perks, and killstreaks, the few pros who stumble upon the right combinations end up crushing the competition while the rest of us are at their mercy.

Did you know you can actually get all of the best weapon, perk, and killstreak combos, map strategies, and tactics for both single player and multiplayer all in one place? You have probably seen ads for various CoD guides, but what exactly is inside?

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As the chart above indicates, the best CoD Ghosts guide is the Krushable Guide. Krushable covers all aspects of Call of Duty: Ghosts, so no matter strategies and tips you are looking for, you will surely find them inside.

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Here are just some of the areas covered by Krushable Guide:

Maps: Learning and memorizing each of the maps is very important if you are going to have any measure of success in CoD: Ghosts. It is difficult to learn the maps when you are inside the game, but if you take the time to learn them through Krushable, you will find yourself much more aware of your surroundings when you are actually in the game.

Killstreak, Weapon, and Perk Combos: Making sure your weapon, killstreak rewards, and perk combos compliment one another just might be the most important thing you can do to rapidly improve your success in Call of Duty. Krushable details the best weapon and perk combos so that you can load them right into your profile online.

Single Player Guide: If you want to quickly complete the single player campaign to see the story without the fuss of dying repeatedly or missing objectives, then you need Krushable. This guide has a full section dedicated to the single player campaign.

Beginner’s Guide: If you are a CoD beginner and are struggling in the multiplayer, the Beginner’s guide contains everything you need in order to master CoD Ghosts. These quick tips will get you started and change your losing ways in a hurry!

No matter what aspect of the game you want to improve, Krushable has everything you could possibly want. It is very nice to be able to try out a new weapon and automatically know exactly what perks and killstreaks you should choose to maximize your effectiveness in-game.

With the tactics covered in Krushable CoD Ghosts strategy guide, you will be able to rise to whatever battle or mission you choose to tackle. It is awesome to carry the team to victory and be flooded with friend requests and party invites since you dominate in multiplayer team games.

Whether you are very serious about CoD Ghosts or are a casual player just looking to improve your game, then you need to get Krushable by clicking below:cod-ghost-guide